•  Kara or Kada is a very spiritual piece of jewelry in the Sikh religion which is supposed to be an order of the 10th Guru Govind Singhji,

  • There are 27 million Sikhs in this world and Kada is a mandatory item every Sikh male/female has to wear,

  • We intend to offer the Sikh community a technology enabled Kada , a device which can do a lot of things which we will discuss in the functions.

  • The  market can be offered the device according to their affordability. We will have a high end  designer edition made of gold and ,embellished with gemstones . The device would be so beautiful that every Sikh male and female should aspire to get one and then switch over to a better edition every year and hand over the old one to the younger generations    

  • Being a spiritual jewelry it should also be able to function some religious / spiritual duties like reminding the user when to pray, how to pray, there is a different prayer for morning, daytime, evenings, night.

  • Very high Priests from several Gurdwaras are guiding us to design the spiritual side of the user experience.



The device should have the following.

  • Blue tooth / wifi connectivity, onboard gps,gyro, 4mm screen running along the rim, connected to the APP 

  •  We will start with 4 designs 2 men 2 women . with  variants of Gold-steel , silver- steel and steel .

Price Point- Basic steel kada with all inbuilt technology $100 to 150  Gold and silver as per the market prices.


The device  connect with an exclusive APP , 
with just one click on the app will connect the user to the GOLDEN TEMPLE.
Dasvandh, which literally means “tenth part”, is the tithing practice of contributing a portion of your earnings in the name of your Guru or spiritual source. The AMRIT SANCHAR app allows the user to send the donations directly to the bank account of GOLDEN TEMPLE AMRITSAR and a receipt issued in real time "dasvandh Donations towards Langar Seva" are eligible for income tax deduction under Section 80G of Income Tax Act 1961 - PAN AAABS0986P
1. Prayer timings
2. Prayer types
3. Gurubani recitals
4. Health parameters
5.  GURUCHAT an ecosystem for users to chat/speak from the Kada without the cellular network.
6. Onboard GPS to guide the user to the nearest Gurudwara anywhere around the world.
7. Gatka lessons (punjabi traditional sports )
8. Users can connect with the priests around the world registered on Omkarmic platform to perform various spiritual and religious ceremonies in the users home/offices.
9. Weddings are a very important part of Punjabi families, the user can access the various vendors registered on our platform.
10. The Kada being a spiritual piece of jewelery the users dont event take it off in shower, it has to be 100% water proof.
11. The battery will be designed in such a way that the user can replace/recharge the battery without taking off the kada from his wrist.
12. Gesture sensors ( the device/app will get activated with a gesture or a movement like Namaste to activate. 
Voice recognition as the device also activates if the word . WAHEGURU is spoken to the Kada by the user. .