Wholesale Lot 9 KAMAL GATTA LOTUS SEED MALA 108 Beads


  • This mala associated with Maha Lakshmi. This is the most powerful mala.
  • This type of mala is attached to other males to increase its power.
  • It gives you the protection armor that protects all negative energy and evil eyes.
  • If your life is difficult, you should wear it. It eliminates all kinds of difficulties from your life. Needless to say that it should not be a lie. This is pure pure mala.

    Kamal gatta Mala's mantra

    1st mantra - "Om Sri Maha Lakshmi Nama"

    2nd mantra - "Om Shirin Hiren Shireen Kama Kamley Brasheed Shreen Green Shreen Maha Lakshma Naya"

    Benefits of Kamal gatta Mala

    In this section, the benefits of lotus seed mala are described below. Check it out.
  • Bring lots of wealth, prosperity and well-being in your life.
  • If you have a lot of problems in your business, you should wear this evening. This solves all the problems related to business.
  • Lotus seed mala is very useful to you in the view of wealth.
  • Kamal gatta Seeds The puja path of money is very beneficial for Ashanti.
  • Kamal gatta Mala helps to earn more for loss of business and business success.
  • If you are facing money problems, then worship with Kamal gatta Mala with Lakshmi and Kuber.
  • Kamal gatta Seeds and Kamal gatta Mala (Lotus Seeds) in Deepavali Pooja.

Wholesale Lot 9 KAMAL GATTA LOTUS SEED MALA 108 Beads






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