Omkarmic E-Mala/Rosary. A wearable device designed to revolutionize The Health/Life Insurance Industry through Yoga, Nutrition, Meditation & Spirituality


Omkarmic E-mala/Rosary A wearable device designed to revolutionize the Health/Life Insurance Industry through Yoga, Nutrition, Meditation & Spirituality

Device that checks oxygen levels could be early warning system for coronavirus, Doctor says IRDA in INDIA has approved the “Comprehensive Wellness programme with Wearable Devices”.

Dr. Richard Levitan said.Coronavirus "kills by silent hypoxia," or low oxygen, 

“Dr. Richard Levitan: People were sick for days, and then they only came in with shortness of breath, like, the day they presented. ... And they would arrive with oxygen levels that basically were incredible to us. I mean, almost unimaginable how people could be awake and alert and have oxygen levels that are half normal. … Normally we are 94% to 100% on these devices, these pulse oximeters that measure how much oxygen we have in our blood. And people were showing up with oxygen levels of 50%. Now, this matches the level of oxygen that we've measured on the summit of Mt. Everest. And it's amazing to me that patients could be sick for days, getting sicker, not realizing it.”

Omkarmic E-mala / Rosary has an inbuilt SPO2 Blood Oxygen Saturation levels monitor.

· Our blood’s Haemoglobin is key to detecting blood oxygen saturation levels.

· The oxygen in haemoglobin can be detected by collecting data from reflected lights 

· By sending lights of two frequencies in to the blood stream and the algorithms can calculate the blood oxygen levels.

· The most important component of the device is Blood oxygen Saturation levels.

· The need for Blood oxygen Saturation levels is a metric which is affected very positively by the Yoga breathing exercises and mudras.

THOUGH DESIGNED TO HELP PATIENTS WITH SLEEP APNEA AND OTHER YOGA / PRANAYAMA exercises but during this pandemic e-mala/rosary which has pulse oximeter is a device every person or at least every household needs.


Indiscriminate use of Chemical based medicines being prescribed  to the patients who can be cured only by YOGA,NUTRITION,MEDITATION & SPIRITUALITY.


A wearable device meant for  Yoga,Nutrition & Meditation as alternative to chemical medicine. For chronic ailments like-

1. Type 2 diabetes

2. Blood Pressure (hypertension)

3. Pulmonary heart disease

4. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)

5. Cancer


Yoga, Meditation & Spirituality is a healing system of theory and practice, its a combination of breathing exercises, physical postures practiced for over 5,000 years and we want to take it to the world in a new technological form so that the youth gets involved in this movement called Yoga & Meditation as alternative to chemical medicine.'


Omkarmic E-mala/rosary  is a device intended to be on the person of the user 24/7.


The sensors in the wearable can track the following.

1. Heart Rate By using  "photoplethysmography" (PPG), sensors the rosary will continuously record the heart rate.

2. Blood Oxygen Saturation

The YOGIC BREATHING technique is called PRANAYAM , it is an age old simple breathing exercises, PRANAYAM has the power to correct many ailments as complex as Cancer, Pulmonary heart diseases, Type 2 diabetes without a single dose of medicine.

If the user allows it on the app and would like to share the heart rate, blood oxygen levels, blood pressure it can be shared with our Yoga experts and they can be advised different Yogic Asanas/exercises according to their physical/medical needs. 

The only challenge is to make the user believe it, so they move away from the chemical based medicines and get the cures only by doing these VEDIC,YOGIC exercises and moves. it is only possible if they can see the blood oxygen saturation levels improving just by simple Yoga movements on the app/device.

Knowing your blood oxygen saturation (SpO2) allows you to assess your physical condition.

· Omkarmic’s e-Mala/Rosary not only has  the latest sensors technology to determine the problems with users which are hidden in every third person in the developed worlds and when the symptoms get visible its too late but to administer the chemicals.

· What Omkarmic’s e-Mala/Rosary does is not only providing real time data about the heart health and Blood oxygen saturation levels but if anything gets critically low of high it immediately messages the nominated doctors, relatives to check on the patient and the data can be immediately relayed to any medical facility.

3. Blood Pressure : STAGE - R&D .There’s a reason they call high blood pressure the silent killer. The Center for Disease Control says 75 million Americans suffer from hypertension, a sobering one in three adults. Worse, it says only 54 percent have their condition under control—a fact made more awful by the fact that hypertension is a contributing cause for about 1,100 deaths per day. 

But compared to heart rate, which can be measured through optical sensors, measuring blood pressure is trickier to get right for wearable makers.  Omkarmic’s E-Mala/Rosary  is a technological feat. Not only can you take blood pressure readings right from your wrist, but it’s also capable of delivering push notifications to the nominated doctor.

The way the Omkarmic’s E-Mala/Rosary works is there’s a secondary, inflatable strap that works as a miniature cuff on your wrist. All you have to do is hold your arm at chest level—sort of like you’re doing the Pledge of Allegiance—and  Then press OM button on the rosary, a reading of your systolic and diastolic pressure appears on the screen. If you’re in a healthy range, you’ll see a green border. But if your blood pressure is high, it’ll be red and the readings will be shared to the nominated email ids it can be to the Doctors, Omkarmic Yoga Gurujis who can design the right Yoga, Meditation , Nutrition for the users.



Omkarmic Hridaygati - Omkarmic’s e-Mala/Rosary will be connected to Omkarmic 


HRIDAYGATI (Sanskrit) means Heart Rate which is the name of our APP

Readings can then be synced to Omkarmic’s E-Mala/Rosary accompanying HRIDAYGATI app.

Taking blood pressure readings is easy. It takes maybe a minute or two at most and is way more comfortable than a traditional cuff. You can definitely feel the strap inflate and resulting constriction, but it’s not quite uncomfortable.

The following will be the functions of the HRIDAYGATI APP-

· YOGA- plan the Yoga Kriyas of the day.

· Daily  statistics of Calories burned, Steps, SPO 2 monitoring, Blood pressure readings, Heart rate charts.

· Record the SPO 2 and  display LED for increase in the SPO 2 during PRANAYAM.

· Record blood pressure and AI Assisted  yoga for safe levels of difficulty in Yoga postures as the system knows the capability of the user.

· Notification of email, text and calls.

· CONNECT with the community- The Omkarmic Yoga ecosystem has a network of ashrams and organizations conducting world class Yoga teacher training camps retreats. The user can register for any event happening near him as the onboard GPS will allow the user to know if there is a Yoga event happening in her/his vicinity.

· SHOP for Spiritual, Religious & Yoga Products on the app/website from 400 vendors who have been selected by team Omkarmic over the last one decade.

· MEDITATION- India is the country where meditation is a way of life. We have Yogis, gurus, who can teach meditation in different beautiful forms. Some of the most famous techniques of meditation will be incorporated on the app.  The E-mala will detect and advise as per  the behaviour of the user and advise the right time, technique and duration of the meditation.

· NUTRITION. “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”  Hippocrates 400BC . But we have evidence in Ayurveda much older than the 400BC that. Satvic meals digest easily, nourish your tissues, and utilize the six tastes in Ayurveda (sweet, sour, salty, pungent, bitter, astringent) to help balance your sattva, rajas, and tamas maha gunas (mental energies). The six tastes describe the flavors of different foods and their vital essences. Omkarmic’s E-Mala/Rosary  connected to Omkarmic HRIDAYGATI app will have a step by step daily guide on Satvic Food.

· SPIRITUALITY- Prayer Notifications : According to Sanatan Dharma there is an appropriate time for prayers the e-mala/rosary will send notifications at different times of prayers and types of prayers according to the Hindu spiritual calendar.